by 克里斯·雷蒙

Maryville welcomes Raphaella Prange to the Big Red M as our new Vice President of Student Life. 拉斐尔来自迪凯特的米利金大学, 拥有超过24年的高等教育经验. She’s proud to be a first-generation college student and the child of a Latin-American immigrant, and has a proven track record of supporting student success with strategic and innovative programming.


My father immigrated from Nicaragua, and I am a second-generation Latina American. I am the oldest of five daughters and definitely identify as a matriarch, 我很小的时候就失去了双亲. I grew up near Miami, Florida until I went to college as a first-generation college student. 我想成为一名广播记者. I have always been a storyteller and I aspired to tell stories of the human experience. 我相信我现在为学生辩护的方式就是这样, helping to narrate their lived experiences on college campuses to ensure their needs are met. I call myself an “educational inclusionist” because I center my work on access and opportunity within higher education. I received my master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Indiana State University, and began my Student Affairs career at Rose-Hulman Institute of 技术 in 1998, 居住生活工作. In 1999, I transitioned to a 24 year-long career at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois where I have served in all aspects of Student Affairs and in the teaching faculty. My family has lived on an urban homestead for the last 15 years where we love to garden, 养鸡, 还有其他一些宠物. 我丈夫是一名中小学教师. PG电子游戏的儿子, 罗伯特(17), 秋天上大学吗, plays baseball and aspires to be a physician for underserved communities. Our daughter, Suzanne (15), is a classically trained dancer and enjoys musical theatre.

We have an amazing opportunity to build a new team within Student Life at Maryville. I am so excited to foster a team of talented professionals whose passions exist in creating a sense of belonging and success for all students. I plan to work with our fantastic team to create strategies to improve engagement across all student types: residential, 通勤, 和在线. I would also like to bridge a strong cooperation between Student Life and other areas of the University, with a focus on removing barriers to student retention and persistence. 我也想参与圣. 路易 Metro area and within organizations that would have capacity-building impacts for our students.

读完《PG电子游戏》. Lombardi的书 我知道我想在他的领导下工作. I believe the philosophy of students first as our customers and clients, paired with the groundbreaking use of technology on the Maryville campus is the innovative and progressive approach all institutions of higher education should be taking to stay relevant and produce the return on investment sought by and needed for our students and their families. 在我一月份的校园面试之后, 在那里我感到如此受欢迎, I knew that Maryville was the challenge and support I needed in my next professional endeavor.

玛丽维尔在很多方面都很突出. 从创新的学术项目, 利用技术, 对多样性的关注, 股本, 和包容(以真正的方式)!), 一个成功的电子竞技项目, corporate partnerships like the Rawlings Sports Business Management Program, 学生的高留校率和坚持率, and a very inspiring new Strategic Plan for Maryville 2030 are just a few of the aspects of the Maryville community that make this institution remarkable.

There is no “one-size fits all approach” to student support. 同理心不是严谨的敌人. We can appropriately challenge and support students simultaneously. All students deserve access to equitable support systems based on their lived experiences. 整体, I believe all students can benefit from trauma-informed practices and strengths-based advising models. At the foundation of student support, however, is relationships. Our goal should be to make a human connection with each student, 利用PG电子游戏的整个团队的教职员工和校友!) to find that “one caring adult” who can mentor each student in accordance with their needs and aspirations. Removing barriers of insecurity whether those are related to engagement, 财务状况, 住房, 营养, or medical/mental health needs – all factor into a successful student support strategy.

What are some current trends in student life and student involvement that you’re following?
My research and practice interest for the last ten years has been Trauma-Informed Practices and Pedagogy. 我相信研究大脑是如何, 学习, 复原力受到创伤和有毒压力的影响, especially in the context of collective (pandemic) and cultural trauma is critical in shaping our work with students in and outside the classroom. I am also very interested in generational research related to Gen Z and Gen Alpha to inform current student affairs practice.

I am confident that Maryville will continue to grow by leaps and bounds over the next 5-10 years. 具体地说, I see Maryville leading AI implementation in the student experience and creating access to quality education and engagement across the globe.

你最喜欢圣. 路易?
我花了很多时间在圣. 自从我2004年结婚后,我就一直跟他在一起. 我丈夫的家人来自伊利诺伊州的奥尔顿地区. 我爱圣。. 红雀队加油! I love the zoo, seeing musicals at the Fabulous Fox, and the City Museum. 但我最喜欢的是食物! 作为一个吃货, I cannot get enough of the vast opportunities to try food from different cultures and cuisines. 你知道吗,圣. 路易 is home to the only Nicaraguan Restaurant in the Midwest? Fritanga on Jefferson is amazing and transports me back to my childhood kitchen and to la comida de mi papa.